Monday, February 20, 2012



Ah.. jet lag - slept last night 8pm to 2am.   Reflecting now on our trip to India, Alan, Tara, and I were greatly blessed spending time with the children (and staff) of the Light Home. How precious they are! They are doing well, loved by their staff, many are excelling in school, our Lord is healing many of the traumas they’ve experienced in the past, giving them hope for the future.

During our week all three of us spoke at a Woman’s Meeting (with 200, many were widows), a Pastor’s Conference (30 attended) and a Meeting with Lepers (80 were present).  We spoke of God’s love for them, how He is able to bring good out of suffering, His power to heal, the Spirit’s power given to His followers. Also of how Christ suffered in every way we suffer, yet fulfills in Himself and offers Himself to satisfy all our needs and help us overcome the pain of suffering. We also laid hands on and prayed for all those gathered in the meetings asking God’s love, grace, healing and strength to restore and raise up his sons and daughters.

In this trip we wanted greatly to affirm to all of the orphans, widows and lepers, the worth of each individual, of how precious and loved they are by us and their Heavenly Father.

Last night lying awake in bed, I asked the Lord what was accomplished in our mission trip and this is what He said,
            “You loved well my children. All those you encountered experienced my loving heart through you. You brought hope and encouragement to those with heavy hearts and weary souls, and you reflected well my Light. Your Words were life giving to those who heard and your prayers touched deeply the spirits of those who are oppressed by the ruler of this world. They were strengthened as you laid hands on them in my Name.
            I am continuing to work in the lives of my Indian sons and daughters. They need your prayers. There is much darkness in that land. But my Kingdom is being furthered and the Good news is being proclaimed.
            I am blessed that you went, dear ones. Rest now and trust that I am working to save, heal and deliver.  Remember: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40) I continue to call my followers… ”to preach good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” (Isaiah 61:1) And to know my Joy to be their strength. 

On the Light Side (funny experiences in India) –
* Using an outhouse/toilet in the dark, feeling for the lever to flush, touching something squishy that moved when I touched it. J (A frog, I think)
* Upon arrival, riding 11 hours in a van to Rajahmundry, playing “chicken” - many miles had road construction so that oncoming traffic was in our lane coming right at us. EEK!!!  I finally had to keep my eyes closed.
* Sucking on a stalk of sugar cane with my host’s encouragement and getting a “sugar high” over the next few hours. Hmmm!!
* Running up the stairwell into our hotel room trying to avoid attack of the mosquito hoards hanging out by the dozens looking for victims. (We were taking anti-malaria pills.)
* Delighting at Light Home Director’s son, baby Alan laughing at namesake Pastor Alan “mooing” like a cow while we waited for lunch at a restaurant. My husband is very talented!  I was proud of my husband who kept his spirits strong, though sick for a lot of the trip with a bad cough and then traveler’s blight.

Thank you so much for praying for us - it was greatly appreciated. The Lord’s work was accomplished through your partnering with us in prayer, with financial help and your notes of encouragement. The children feel so blessed to know many are praying for them in America.We hope to go back next February and would love to have you come with us. Pray about this. It is a life changing experience.

In Christ,
Sally and Alan Keiran (with teammate Tara)

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  1. I heard you speak today in chapel at LCA in KY. You were a blessing to me. Thanks so much!

    I've had many spiritual dreams also, even prophetic ones. I once dreamed that I was vested and in the procession of priests ready to enter the sanctuary. I stepped out of the procession, turning my back on my bishop, in order to take hold of the Pearl of Great Price. I was an Episcopal priest then and 12 years later this came true. I left on the Sunday that Gene Robinson was consecrated.